IT Consultancy and Software Development.
Focused on your Business.

IT Consultancy and Software Development.
Focused on your Business.

Expert advice and custom solutions to drive your business.

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What I do

Strategy & Management

  • Review - I can review your current development resource and give advice on best practice and ways to improve your development processes.
  • Plan - I can provide a detailed plan of action to implement changes highlighted in the review process.
  • Roadmap Development - Where software development is key to revenue it is vital to define a strategy, identify key objectives and implement monitoring to help you achieve your long term goals.
  • Training - The introduction of new software and processes means training is required. I can help identify your training needs and develop a tailored plan.

Software Consultancy & Development

  • Planning - For any delivery I create a detailed plan of deliverables and provide regular reviews and updates to ensure we are on track.
  • Analysis - I ask questions, lots of questions! I discuss all aspects of the requirements in great detail with you so a shared understanding of the proposed solution can be agreed.
  • Development Review - Things not going as expected? I can provide an independent, objective opinion about how to improve your failing processes.
  • Software Specification - Describing how software behaves and what it should do can be difficult. I can help you think about your requirements and get to the heart of the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Software Development - Using modern best practice methodologies like agile I can develop great looking, fast and functional software to meet your requirements.

About Me

Original Eye was set up by Steve Clements in 2012 to help companies get IT right.


Since its founding Steve has provided clients with:

  • IT Consultancy
  • Interim IT Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • and Software Development Services

Prior to that, Steve spent 11 years practicing Business Analysis, Project Management, IT Management and Software Development in Industry and Local Government.

He has a unique blend of business and technical skills and can communicate complex problems clearly and effectively.


Here is a brief summary of some of the work I've delivered over the past few years:

I was engaged by Thames to help them with a data integration project. I provided advice on how to get the project moving as well as developing a bespoke application that allowed them to define custom matching and delivery rules through a graphical interface. This allowed automatic creation of orders from the daily data files that were processed as part of their normal business operations. The solution was written with an Angular front end and a C# .net back end API with connections to SQL Server using Entity Framework.

Building on the success of the Generator application, Thames asked me to create a Customer Portal that would allow their customers to access the data that was processed and stored by the Generator application. I provided a complete bespoke customer portal that allowed customers to query the data created and stored by the Generator. The solution utilised the same technology stack as the Generator application as well as the provision of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages for data movement.

I was further engaged by Thames to help improve processes in their data processing function. To this end I recommended the use of a piece of software called VisualCron. This allowed them to automate parts of their data processing function thus improving efficiency and speed of operation. I provided initial setup and a set of automated tasks and then wrote and delivered training to staff allowing them to maintain and enhance the automated tasks.

I was engaged by Pikcells Ltd to design and implement a project management software application to replace their existing in house application with a view to releasing the application as a product.

The application allowed users to:

  • Create / Update / Delete projects,
  • Create / Update / Delete various elements and descriptions to projects,
  • Add / Remove other users to their network,
  • Add / Remove connected users to projects in order to collaborate on the project.

This required me to:

  • Analyse the existing system functionality,
  • Define new functionality,
  • Design and implement database layer,
  • Design and implement an MVC application,
  • Implement a mini ‘social network’,
  • Create fine grained permissions based on sharing of projects between different users (i.e. the owner has different permissions to a user who is added to a project).
  • I was initially engaged by CPI to help develop a data services department. I advised how to improve processes, software and staffing in order for the required data services to be delivered effectively.

    This was achieved by:

    • Implementing procedures,
    • Promoting consistency and best practice,
    • Providing consultancy relating to staffing and leadership,
    • Developing customer specific software.

    The success of this led to further engagements with a variety of activities and deliverables:

    • Training new employees in the existing data processing system,
    • Gap analysis of two data processing systems owned by CPI,
    • Software development to integrate new output systems into the existing in house data processing system,
    • Customer specific software development using C#.Net,
    • Processing system optimisation,
    • Implementation of new data processing requirements.

    I have worked with ReallyCare on a couple of occasions.

    ReallyCare CIC is a social enterprise using open source software to improve Adult Social Care. Using Test Driven Development, I developed prototype software based upon angular.js and specifically an open source library called forms-angular. The remit was to create sample application that allowed the mapping of referral information into a Care Plan (as used in the Adult Social Care sector). This involved writing angular.js controllers, directives and services to create a form application that allowed drag and drop functionality, use of the microphone and automatic field selection and population. In addition to the application, contributions to the forms-angular library were written and submitted.

    On the second occasion, I worked with ReallyCare to design, develop and implement a cross platform mobile solution to aid with medication monitoring in the delivery of Home Care. Balsamiq was used as a mock up tool and to iterate the design of the application. The application was built using Angular 2, Ionic and Typescript as well as various libraries.

    I worked on a few different projects for Elder focusing mainly on front end and mobile development utilising a range of technologies; angular.js, Angular, react native and cordova.

    The work involved working with a small team of developers where I was responsible for creating the front end and mobile applications for prototype, new and existing commercial applications.

    In this course of the development I also gained exposure to the Java Spring Framework.

    Service Delivery

    It's very important to get it right. So staying up to date with industry best practice is paramount.

    I am a pragmatic IT Consultant. I think it is important to get to know a business and the people in the business to understand what approaches will work and what won't. Imposing unnecessary burden is a sure way to project failure.

    I use an approach that is based on the Agile methodology; Clear initial goals, constant review, high quality communication and iterating the solution based on what is learnt from previous iterations.

    I am diligent and I respond very quickly to requests and enquiries as I believe this to be one of the most important aspects of any business relationship.

    I am familiar with, and use where necessary, a range of project management, business analysis and development methodologies to support project delivery and ensure that best practice is adhered to.


    Here are some kind words from people I've had the pleasure of working with:

    "The ideal characteristics we look for in a software developer are sound logic, organisational skills and the ability to work through complex problems but also an approachable manner which makes it easy to discuss issues and ideas. Having worked with Steve for a couple of years on a very complex project I can testify that he has all these qualities and is a great asset to any team or project.”

    "I engaged Steve to build web and mobile solutions using cutting edge technology. He was very quick to learn the technical details despite the fast changing nature of the technology and delivered high quality solutions. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again.”

    “Steve draws together a combination of programming capability, commercial astuteness and strategic insight. His understanding of our business and our business needs makes his approach valuable and relevant, and makes him a valued long term partner for our critical development needs.”

    Contact me

    If there's something you're interested in and you'd like more information, drop me a line either via email or just call me. I'm always happy to talk!

    You can email me at or call me on +44 (0) 7850 453939